The perfect flatness turns each piece into a work of art. The frontal furrow makes it personality and homogeneily to the roof.


Application Standard Requirements
Flexural Strength test EN 538 Resistance > 1200N
Water Impermeability EN 539-1 Complies with level 1
Frost Resistance EN 539-2 Complies 150 cycles
Geometric Characteristics EN 1024 Flatness / Straightness ≤ 1,5%

Dimensions* A: 465mm; B: 258mm; C: 30mm | A: 18.3”; B: 10.16”; C: 1.18”

Pieces /m2/sq. 11.5 / 105

Weight piece 3.45 kg / 7.6 lbs

Longitudinal fit ** 396mm (+5mm/-75mm) / 15.6” (+0.19”; -2.95”)

Transversal fit ** 214mm (± 1mm) / 8.42” ( ±0.04”)

Units per pallet 216 / 288

Laying Straight bond

*The tile dimensions indicated in this chart allow a tolerance of approximately +/-2%
**Theoretic value: this should be re-calculated on site with the tiles that are to be used.


High definition

It provides a perfect definition on each piece, made with gypsum moulds, providing a much finer texture.

Excellent flatness

Individual curing of each tile thanks to support in H. Excellent flatness with no contact points.

Low absorption

Higher resistance to ice and mould formation.

Lifetime warranty

Our 100 years of warranty ensure your peace of mind and demostrate the quality of our manufacturing process.