Elegance and energy efeciency on your roof.


Module Type BREC47S-Rab
Rated Maximum Power 47 Pmax/W
Maximum Power Voltage 5,18 Vmp/V
Open-circuit Voltage 6,67 Voc/V
Maximum Power Current 9,19 lmp/A
Short-circuit Current 9,68 Isc/A
Module Efficiency 17%

 STC: Irradiance 1000W/m2 Module Temperature: 25ºC AM=1.5


Dimensions*  A: 823 mm; B: 340 mm, C: 61 mm / A: 32.77”, B: 13.39”, C: 2.40”

Pieces /m2 /sq.  3,2 / 33

Weight piece  11,2 kg / 24.69 lbs

Nº of monocrystalline cells  10 (2 x 5)

Cell size  156 x 156 mm / 6.14 x 6,14″

Units per pallet  22 

Weight per pallet  290 kg / 639.34 lbs

Placement  Broken bond

*The tile dimensions indicated in this chart allow a tolerance of approximately +/-2%.



Increase the market value of your home

Installing the Planum Photovoltaic Solar System will not only enhance the value of your property it will help power it too.

Easy instalation

Mechanical interlocking allows a simple and quick, laying with battens like any other clay roof tile. La Escandella laying systems results in significant savings compared to others solutions.

Weather resistant

Planum Solar tiles are made from premium mono crystalline cells and the glass technology that surrounds the is very sturdy and durable in extreme weather conditions.

Low maintenance

The combined solar roof tiles and a battery solution offers an easy-to-use monitoring system so you can track your solar roof system´s performance, monitor the amount of energy it stores and how much you´re saving on your energy bill.

Energy efficient

A pitched roof improves the thermal eficiency and Planum Photovoltaic Solar System makes your home self-sufficient by generating your own sustainable energy and reducing your energy bills.

Integrate design with technology

Our Solar tile combines perfectly with our Planum ceramic tile, so the system will be fully integrated with the roof.