A double curvature mixed “S” roof tile where eaves and ridge tiles assure design and functionality to provide easy-to-install roofs with the special characteristic beauty of the Mediterranean roofs.


Application Standard Requirements MIXED S
Flexural Strength test EN 538 Resistance > 1200N Above
Water Impermeability EN 539-1 Complies with level 1 Above
Frost Resistance EN 539-2 Level 3 Complies 150 cycles Above
Geometric Characteristics EN 1024 Flatness ≤ 1,5%
Straightness ≤ 1,5%

Dimensions A: 470 mm / 18.5” | B: 286 mm / 11.26” | C: 75 mm / 2.95”

Pieces per m2/sq 10,5 / 97

Weight piece 3.850 gr / 8.49 lbs

Longitudinal fi t* 397 mm (+6;-5 mm) / 15.63” (+0.23”;-0.19”)

Transversal fi t* 230 mm (±3 mm) / 9.05” (±0.12”)

Units per pallet 180 / 240

*The Tile dimensions indicated in this chart, allow a tolerance of approximately 2%.
**Theoretic value: this should be re-calculated on site with the tiles that are to be used.


Double curvature

Its double curvature, eave and ridge joints design and functionality as Arab roofs looking. Mediterranean aesthetics with the easiest fixation.

Double interlocking

The double interlocking -horizontal and vertical- allows the roof to be more watertight, ensuring its impermeability.

Wide range of colors

A roof tile with a wide range of colors and complements to satisfy all professional’s needs and preferences; suitable to all type of roofs (new and aged ones).

More breakage resistance

Clays composition and perfect press performance make flexion rates higher than even the standard ones.